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These days, booking on the internet has never been easier. It may be tempting to simply point and click when booking your trip, but a website can’t talk to you about your upcoming trip and offer the specialized knowledge that the agents at Brookside Travel can give to you. In most cases, the service is free of charge!

Here are some reasons to contact a travel agent:

Professional Experience and Knowledge

Travel agents are passionate about seeing the world and can share personal experience traveling to numerous destinations. Want to know the best seafood restaurant to have dinner at in Vienna? The best market to find an affordable piece of jewelry in London? Which day to book for a multi-generational family? A travel agent can help you choose the perfect fit for you and your travel companions.

Resources and Leverage

That “sold out” hotel room you had your eye on? The travel site you’re dealing with can’t help you with that. But a travel agent who has developed good relationships with their suppliers may be able to use their clout to work something out for you.

Time Saving

Why spend hours going back and forth between websites, reading review after review, when you can speak to a travel agent who has already vetted all of those properties for you?

Occasionally, travel sites will produce an unbelievably cheap flight that saves you hundreds. Great, right? Maybe not. It’s not unheard of for them to combine airlines that aren’t partners, which could leave you in quite a predicament if one of the connecting flights fails to arrive on time.

Affordability and Budgeting

Travel can be expensive, and most travel sites require full payment up front. When you book with a travel agency, you can often put down a small deposit to hold your place and then make payments, rendering your trip much more affordable. In addition, travel agents can advise you on how much things cost in your chosen destination so you don’t get sticker shock the first night out on your vacation.

Why Book with Us

Brookside Travel offers personalized attention the internet can’t provide. In addition to deposits often as low as $50, we also offer trip protection (cancel for ANY reason), trip discounts and add-ons, group discounts, and escorts for large groups.

Book your trip in the most convenient way for YOU. Come in and speak with one of our seasoned agents, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get started planning your destination wedding, girls getaway, honeymoon, or whatever your journey entails.

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