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At only a five hour nonstop flight away from various Midwest and East Coast gateways, the Land of Fire and Ice is an ideal destination for a unique city break or an extended adventure. There are countless reasons to visit Iceland, among them the ethereal scenery, northern lights, and effervescent nightlife. Iceland is a safe, convenient destination that offers endless fun.

Stumbling back to the hotel in the crisp sea air after a night at the club is invariably safer when the midnight sun lights your way, though Reykjavik happens to be quite safe and relatively free of violent crime anyway. As luck would have it, the majority of bars are clustered in and around the main shopping street in the highly accessible downtown area. There are no cover charges, entry lines tend to move quickly, and it generally takes no more than 30 seconds to pop on over to the next club. Partying with extremely friendly English-speaking locals on a classic Icelandic “runter” is just one scintillating way to spend an evening in the hip and artsy Nordic capital.

On top of an internationally renowned music scene, there is never a shortage of exhibitions and festivals. Many of these activities will be within walking distance to your hotel, as Reykjavik is fairly easy to navigate on foot. There is a plentiful selection of reasonably priced hotels within a 10 minute walk to the vibrant downtown area and numerous choices of restaurants to fit any budget. Icelandic hotdogs are especially tasty, commonly topped with ketchup, remoulade, fried onions and sweet brown mustard. If you’re feeling brave, try some fermented shark.

Once you’ve explored the home of Einar Jonsson and the accompanying sculpture garden, check out the National Museum of Iceland, home to an ample collection of religious artifacts, archaeological remains, and various arts and crafts. For those seeking a touch of adrenaline, Reykjavik offers convenient day trips including glacier treks, fissure snorkeling and caving amid a stunningly gorgeous landscape peppered with majestic volcanoes and massive, sparkling waterfalls. And no visit to Iceland would be complete without a stop at the Blue Lagoon for a luxurious soak in the warm, milky blue geothermal pool.

The weather isn’t bad either, despite the country’s name. Thanks to the warmth of the Gulf Stream, the climate in Iceland is surprisingly temperate. The temperature on the coldest days of winter rarely falls below 32F, and summer temperatures hover in the mid to high 70’s. The only caveat is how frequently the weather changes. It’s not unusual for it to be bright and cloudless one minute, followed by several minutes of wind gusts and hail, only to revert back to clear and sunny 15 minutes later.

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