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In the U.S., we tend to operate on a cocktail of high stress and inadequate sleep. Travel is one the most effective antidotes to our daily ails.

Here are just a few of the benefits:


You’ll be in a Better Mood

Travel is fun. It makes us happy. It’s much more enjoyable than dealing with the broken sump pump or your cranky boss.

As reported by a 2013 Stress in America survey, done by the American Psychological Association, vacations force us out of stressful environments, which in turn helps us manage stress. Looking forward to an upcoming trip can replace negative emotions, which helps to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.


You’ll Give Your Brain a Boost

People tend to sleep more while vacationing, which rejuvenates tired, stressed out minds and bodies. Plus, experiencing new customs and cultures stimulates the growth of nerve connections and improves cognition, raising mental productivity

A trip doesn’t have to be very long for us to reap the benefits either. Even brief forays into a previously unexplored destination exposes travelers to novel traditions and perspectives.


It’s Heart Healthy

Recent scientific studies have found that people who go several years without a vacation have a greater heart attack risk, and are also more likely to die from a heart attack. More information about this study may be found here:

While exploring a new place, we also often end up walking several more miles per day and participating in other physical activities that exercise our hearts such as swimming, hiking, kayaking and snorkeling.


Your Immunity May Increase

Stress lowers our immune defenses, so departing a stressful environment may give your immune system a boost. When we are stressed, our bodies produce higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn suppresses lymphocytes, an important element of the immune system. Lymphocytes defend our bodies against harmful organisms that can cause disease. Taking time off to travel can also give our bodies a break to rebuild a tired immune system.

Besides that, when we leave our home environments we are exposed to different types of bacteria that our bodies have to adapt to, making our immunity stronger.

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